Thoughts, Stories and Ideas
  • QA meetup at Lazada

    meetup Are you ready for one more shot of the interesting and exciting?! Last November we hosted the second meet-up of anonymous quality assurance engineers at Lazada Tech Hub. You might think we are pressed for topics for discussion but it is far from the reality. We had lots of things to talk about. [...]
  • cmtstringer - Comment to String

    cmtstringer Today we are going to introduce a new tool to you named cmtstringer ( This package helps to generate the method that satisfy the fmt.Stringer interface. Given the name of a type T that has constants defined with comment on constant, cmtstringer will create a new Go source code file which implements fmt.Stringer interface. [...]
  • QA meetup at Lazada

    meetup Hey there! Are you used to having high quality stuff around you? So, surely you do care for the quality of the things you deal day by day. In our company quality is a priority. To our QA Engineers it is not only about testing parts of the software at different stages of development. It is also about the product’s ability to hit the market on time. [...]