Software Engineering related events are on TOP of Lazada list of concerns, and Meet-ups are no exception. That is the reason why we decided to be host of the Ho Chi Minh based Golang Meetup 11th edition.

For this edition, we reached a record of attendance with 70 people !

Organization - Golang Meetup #11

As our team was excited to host this meet-up we decided to gather ideas about how to make our guests feel like home.

We thought about food, drink, average speech time, breaks and quizz with prizes to keep interacting with our guests. The talks were mixed, some were practical and others technical, which allowed anybody tech or non-tech to follow.


Speakers and Talks

During this time, we got 3 speakers, each having 30 minutes talk and the same time for question answers.

Topic 1: SemVer and MicroServices in Go
Speaker: Viacheslav Poturaev, Senior Software Engineer at LAZADA

Topic 2: Flow-based programming in Go
Speaker: Thuc Le, Backend Engineer at Culture Match.

Topic 3: Monitoring at Lazada
Speaker: Ninh Dang & Rinat Takhautdinov, Senior Software Engineers at LAZADA

Meetup closure: Interactive Quizz, and there was some adorable GOPHERs plush toys to be awarded!

Incoming Events

At the time we’re writting, Lazada already organized another Go Meetup, in Moscow office.
We are currently planning to host the next Grokking Engineering Ho Chi Minh City, stay tuned !