meetup The May of 2017 for Moscow Lazada Tech Hub happened to be quite eventful as we hosted GoLang Meet-up. Go is definitely worth it! This programming language is widely used all over the world and particularly in plenty part of Lazada Services – 80% is covered with GO. We gathered fans and enthusiasts to share brilliant ideas and thoughts with us.

party We wanted our dear guests to feel comfortable like home and so we did our best to accomplish the goal. Pizza and drinks were served, so everybody is happy and full. To keep our homies interactive we had quizzes with cute prizes.

talks The most important part of the party was about talks and questions afterwards which were pretty challenging and exciting.

Speakers and Talks

There were four topics covered:

Topic 1: Profiling in Go
Speaker: Nikita Romanov, Senior Software Engineer at LAZADA

Topic 2: What is the fuzz?
Speaker: Alexey Palazhchenko, Software Engineer, GoLang Show podcast presenter

Topic 3: Enum types in Go
Speaker: Andrey Chernov, Team Leader at LAZADA

Topic 4: CockroachDB
Speakers: Vitaliy Levchenko, Team Leader at MC2 Software and Dmitriy Vorobyov, CockroachDB contributor

The speakers preferred to use Russian in their talks, so I guess you, guys, will need an interpreter 🙂

Moscow Tech Hub have been extremely excited about hosting such an event and we guarantee it is just the beginning of a big adventure! So, come and join us next time!