meetup Hey there! Are you used to having high quality stuff around you? So, surely you do care for the quality of the things you deal day by day.

In our company quality is a priority. To our QA Engineers it is not only about testing parts of the software at different stages of development. It is also about the product’s ability to hit the market on time.

For the past 2 years the QA team in Moscow has got much bigger. We are still growing though! We are fond of trying experiments out and playing around with tests. Certainly we have managed to gain lots of knowledge regarding techniques of testing. This July we’ve organized the meeting of Anonymous Quality Assurance Engineers so as to share ideas of best-quality testing process and learn something new from others. The event was not about any programming language in particular, that is why we named it “anonymous”. Buzzword of the day was methods and approaches.

Speakers and Talks

There were four topics discussed:

Topic 1: Hand helper for manual testing
Speaker: Oleg Sushchenko, QA Automation Engineer at LAZADA
The talk is about the tool written in Python which helps manual testers avoid routine part of work.

Topic 2: Speeding up UI tests, profiling of UI tests
Speaker: Pavel Balakhonov, QA Automation Engineer at Mail.Ru

Topic 3: Functional Monitoring
Speaker: Zoya Chizhkova, VP Engineering at LAZADA
The talk is about how we do functional monitoring in Lazada.

Topic 4: Seamy side of autotests
Speakers: Alex Alekseev, QA Automation Engineer at Luxoft
The topic is traps and pitfalls of auto-tests regarding the environment.

We were as happy as a clam to host this event. Our guests were also excited to visit us at Moscow Tech Hub. We plan to carry on this tradition each 4 months, so the best is yet to come!