meetup Are you ready for one more shot of the interesting and exciting?! Last November we hosted the second meet-up of anonymous quality assurance engineers at Lazada Tech Hub. You might think we are pressed for topics for discussion but it is far from the reality. We had lots of things to talk about.

Our outstanding Engineer Varvara Mizurova shared her experience about how we write auto-tests for images. The talk also touched upon the optimization of images by backend service (Image Storage API) in Lazada. So, people from outside Lazada found out we make progressive jpeg, change Pixel Aspect Patio for templates and delete images metadata.

Lazada old-timer in quality assurance Timur Makhmutov was speaking about testing services using gRPC. Common description of gRPC usage, Protobuf particular characteristics and means of testing were brought up during the talk.

Our guest Michael Bobkov had a talk “Testing from an architect’s angle”. He is occupied at the Institute of Applied Geophysics as an architect working on the system of ionosphere monitoring. Michael came asking for advice of how they should better test the system.

One more guest from, Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy, was speaking about Mobile analytics library “My Tracker”. The information Alexey shared was especially useful for mobile quality engineers.

Speakers and Talks


Topic 1: How do we auto-test images?
Speaker: Varvara Mizurova, QA Teamleader at LAZADA

Topic 2: Testing services using gRPC
Speaker: Timur Makhmutov, Senior QA Engineer at LAZADA

Topic 3: Testing from an architect’s angle
Speaker: Michael Bobkov, Integration Projects Architect

Topic 4: SDK Integration testing
Speaker: Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy, Mobile Test Automation Lead at Mail.Ru Group