Thoughts, Stories and Ideas
  • Lazada at IT conferences

    Lazada tech hub Lazadians from Moscow Tech Hub are usually eager to speak about their knowledge and experience they gain every day working together on the better future of our company. We have been a success in that recently, so we definitely have lots to share with others. That is why this spring was quite chanceful for we took part in various conferences. [...]
  • GoLang meetup at Lazada

    meetup The May of 2017 for Moscow Lazada Tech Hub happened to be quite eventful as we hosted GoLang Meet-up. Go is definitely worth it! This programming language is widely used all over the world and particularly in plenty part of Lazada Services – 80% is covered with GO. We gathered fans and enthusiasts to share brilliant ideas and thoughts with us. [...]
  • Lazada meetup culture

    group Software Engineering related events are on TOP of Lazada list of concerns, and Meet-ups are no exception. That is the reason why we decided to be host of the Ho Chi Minh based Golang Meetup 11th edition. For this edition, we reached a record of attendance with 70 people ! [...]